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This is a personal blog written by me, Heather. I am a gamer who absolutely loves MMOs. I am not in the gaming industry myself and in this blog you will not see any exclusive or behind-the-scenes news or features. I don’t rub elbows with the people at Bizzard, EA, Funcom, or any other MMO company. I’ve never even been to E3.

At first glance, that might seem like a sucky thing to say, but ask yourself this: what is more authentic, a review by an industry member (game programmer, writer, graphic artist, publicist, etc.) or a review by a real gamer who plays MMOs everyday?

I love MMOs.
I play MMOs everyday.
I know the ins and outs of hardcore and casual gaming.

So yeah, while I may not be connected I do consider myself well qualified to at least give a good, unbiased review of the current crop of MMORPGs.

Further Disclosure

All of the blog posts and pages are written or edited by me but I might hire people to do the videos and graphics because I am a writer, not an artist or videographer. Also, Heather is my nickname, not my real name.

Comments Policy

Please feel free to say whatever you want to say. Comments are all moderated and will not appear until I read and approve them. You can be sure that I will read all of your feedback but I do not guarantee that I will publish all of them, especially if its is too rude or whiny.

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Heather Mitchell

About Heather Mitchell

Yes, it's true, I do love playing MMO games and writing. That's why I like to blog about MMORPGs. Connect with me on Google+

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