Age of Conan Review

Anyone that loves action movies has certainly hear of Conan, the iconic barbarian that did whatever it took to protect his tribe. The emblematic movie is now brought in the video game environment by Age of Conan: Unchained, an online game that allows you to explore the world of Hyboria any way you want. This MMORPG brings us the ability to create any character we … Continue reading Age of Conan Review

Drakensang Online Review

Drakensang Online is a free to play browser-based MMORPG by Bigpoint. Released in 2011, the game has grown to the point that it has over 17 million registered users. Available in over a dozen languages, DO will undoubtedly be one of the most popular MMOs of 2014. Features: no download, playable on your browser epic action RPG free to play forever 3D graphics detailed, realistic … Continue reading Drakensang Online Review

The Secret World Review

The Secret World by Funcom is a pay to play (no subscription) 3D urban fantasy MMORPG with sandbox elements such as no classes or levels, crafting, and trading/player economy. This MMO is also notable for its “real world” setting, epic story quests, cut scenes, voice acting, and puzzles. Features: pay for the game only once no subscription or monthly fees no classes or levels great … Continue reading The Secret World Review

Dungeons & Dragons Online Review

Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) is a free to play online adaptation of classic role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). Its strengths include its thousands of years of lore, the D&D setting, real-time action combat, and a strong emphasis on cooperative gameplay. As the name of the game implies, DDO offers a ton of dungeon-crawling fun with friends who must work together to complete a … Continue reading Dungeons & Dragons Online Review