Lord of the Rings Online Review

The Lord of the Rings Online is an exciting free to play MMO that puts players into Tolkien’s Middle Earth. With an incredible landscape, story driven quests, and exciting enemies, Lord of the Rings Online is a great experience for any MMO lover. While it is slowly getting swallowed up by the numerous new MMOs that are being released, it is still a fun game … Continue reading Lord of the Rings Online Review

Crystal Saga Review

Crystal Saga is a free to play browser MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Vidalia. Aside from the fact that it offers a wide virtual world, it also features a detailed and captivating storyline. With Crystal Saga, the players can select from 5 available classes. These are the Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Ranger, and Mage. You will also enjoy exploring and discovering a wide range … Continue reading Crystal Saga Review

Runes of Magic Review

Runes of Magic is a free to play MMO that is worth playing. Its reputation system, secondary class feature, and changing regions are great ideas that give it a fresh feel, while still retaining the classic MMO style everyone has come to love. RoM gives its player base an incredible amount of content without having to pay a dime. The World of RoM Players are … Continue reading Runes of Magic Review

Forsaken World Review

Forsaken World may look like just another free to play MMO at first glance but the game’s wonderful graphics, unique PVP system, and incredible amount of customization will keep players coming back for more. Forsaken World Review The story of Forsaken World is extremely detailed and it can take some time to learn it all. For players that love the story of an MMO, Forsaken … Continue reading Forsaken World Review