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This is a resource for massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) fans who are looking for the best MMORPG 2014. The games that we recommend are listed by category: free to play, pay to play, buy to play (no subscription), and browser MMOs. There is also a section for upcoming games.

Best MMORPG 2014: By Category

mmorpg 2014Free to Play
Pay to Play
Buy to Play (No Subscription)

Best Free to Play MMORPG 2014

Sparta: War of Empires

open beta mmorpg 2014Sparta: War of Empires is a strategy MMO that is now in open beta. Players take on the role of a Spartan hero who must, along with King Leonidas, defend Greece against the Persian Empire’s invading armies. Sparta: War of Empires has top quality graphics, voiceovers, music, and a fully voiced tutorial that is actually very entertaining. One of the most successful newly released online strategy MMOs today. Currently, there is a special offer on the sign up page that features a free bonus of 200 gold coins if you play now so it is worth checking out now rather than waiting later.

Link: Sparta: War of Empires official website

Drakensang Online
drakensangA free to play MMORPG with a small download that you can play on a laptop, an older computer, or even directly on your browser. Drakensang Online is a blockbuster game with over 17 million registered accounts. It combines open-world exploration and quests with instanced dungeons. The 3D visuals and sounds are excellent, with superb atmosphere and immersion. This is the perfect choice for old-school RPG fans with its fast-paced combat, skill trees, crafting, well-written NPC dialogue, customizable gear, and classic fantasy setting.

Link: Drakensang Online official website

Lord of the Rings Online

lord of the rings onlineLord of the Rings Online has beautiful 3D graphics that are startlingly realistic. Set in the Lord of the Rings fantasy world, it has stunning landscapes, epic story quests, crafting, player housing, skirmishes (short, customizable instances), dungeons, PvP, and more. Of course, it is perfect for fans of the the Lord of the Rings fantasy setting. This is one MMORPG that really puts the story and lore first. Players truly feel like they are exploring Middle Earth and will experience iconic scenes from the LotR such as the battle at Helm’s Deep, fighting orcs at the Mines of Moria, confronting Saruman in Isengard, etc. Even for those unfamiliar with the setting, the well-planned quests are quite enjoyable.

Link: Lord of the Rings Online official website

MU Classic (Open Beta)

d&d onlineMU Classic, a browser game based on the popular MU Online MMORPG, successfully launched its open beta release last November 2014. So many players have signed up that there is a new server opening every few days. MU Classic is known for its beautiful 3D graphics, cool skill effects, scary dungeons, tough bosses, and tons of maps. There are four classes currently available – Swordsman, Archer, Mage, and Magic Gladiator. New players will automatically receive special free packages that contain XP boosts and equipment sets when they level up in the game, starting from the level 3 main quest, all the way to level 120.

Link: MU Classic official website


Best Browser-Based MMORPGs 2014

drakensangDrakensang Online – a 3D fantasy browser MMORPG with tons of content, one of the top browser MMOs of 2013-2014.

Wartune – a hybrid MMO game with RPG (role-playing game) and RTS (real time strategy game) elements

Shadowbound – open beta testing started on July 15, 2014. Shadowbound has lots of interesting gameplay elements such as puzzle dungeons, NPC companions, team combat, guilds, and PvP.

Adventure Quest Worlds – an older browser MMORPG that is good for casual players, developers call it a “lunch-sized” game since you can easily play it every day on your lunch break

No long reviews given here since these are browser-based MMOs. It only takes a minute or so to sign up and start playing these games. Instead of spending 5 minutes reading a long review it is probably better to just give these MMORPGs a try yourself. All of the listed titles are graphical, not text-based.


Best Pay to Play MMORPG Games 2014

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

pay to play mmorpg 2014The recently launched Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a big-budget game with breathtaking graphics, wonderful soundtrack and polished game design. It is currently the best new pay to play MMORPG of 2014. The excellently designed and fun quests are one of the game’s highlights, especially the Full Active Time Events (FATEs) that are basically large-scale world events or public quests. Other popular content include the crafting/jobs system and raiding/dungeoneering. FFXIV:ARR is available on two platforms, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC while an upcoming PS4 version will be launched some time this year. If you buy a PS4 version you will get a free upgrade to PS4 if you decide to buy the new console later on.

Link: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on Amazon

World of Warcraft

wowWorld of Warcraft has been in the news lately for losing over 1 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2013. Despite this, due to the scarcity of good p2p MMORPGs, WoW still gets our vote for one of the current best pay to play MMORPGs of 2014. It’s a fun, polished game that has everything you could want in a traditional fantasy MMO. The only real problem with it is that there are so many f2p titles that many players are spoiled for choice so they often don’t see any reason to subscribe. However, if you prefer a monthly subscription then WoW is still a great choice and it’s important to note that even though some players left, WoW still has over 7 million players which makes it the number one subscription-based online game in the world.

Link: World of Warcraft Battle Chest

Tip: Note that the Battle Chest on Amazon contains the main game plus two expansions and costs less than $20. This is much cheaper than buying it at the official WoW website.

Eve Online

Eve Online is a niche sandbox scifi MMORPG that focuses on space exploration and the player economy. (review coming soon)


Best Buy to Play MMORPG Games 2014

Guild Wars 2

gw2-best-mmorpg-2014Guild Wars 2, one of the bestselling PC games of 2012-2013 with over 2 million units sold, is expected to remain strong until 2014 and beyond. It’s buy to play, meaning players have to buy the GW2 game to download and play it but there is no monthly subscription required. If you are looking for a great game and are willing to spend a bit of money on it then GW2 is probably the game for you because it gives the best value for money out of all the MMORPGs available today.

The graphics are aesthetically pleasing, the community is friendly and, best of all, GW2 is just plain fun. GW2 offers players a huge, dynamic virtual world that encourages exploration, adventure and cooperation.

Link: Guild Wars 2 on Amazon


After you create a character, you are given some choices which will determine your personal storyline. This is unique to each character and is told through single player instances. The content of instances is determined by decisions made during the story. There are thousands of different personal storylines.

Guild Wars 2 also has a dynamic event system in place of quests. In other MMOs, players talk to an NPC, get the quest story and objectives, then return to the NPC for their reward once they have completed the quest. In GW2, it’s much more immersive and fun. As a player is exploring the world, dynamic events are triggered without having to talk to any specific NPCs.

For example, as a player walks near a certain place, he or she will find that they can choose to “Protect Bill and Hekja as they clear Risen from the area.” In fact, all the players nearby can chose to help, too, and the difficulty will scale up as more players join in the event. All players are rewarded 100% if they succeed and they do not have to manually party up for this, unlike in other MMOs. This is a great gameplay mechanism that allows for cooperation among players.

All in all, Guild Wars 2 is an outstanding addition to the MMORPG market and well worth the price.

Where to buy: Guild Wars 2 on Amazon

The Secret World


The Secret World is an unusual buy to play MMORPG set in the “modern day real world” with recognizable locations such as London, New York and Seoul but with a difference – ancient myths, urban legends and folklore monsters such as wendigos, ghouls, golems, vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc. are real. Players take on the role of supernatural heroes who fight in the war between good and evil. TSW has the coolest dark fantasy/horror quests and its a lot of fun finding hidden secrets scattered everywhere in the game.

TSW is also great value for money as it is priced cheaper compared to other MMORPGs.

Link: The Secret World [Online Game Code] on Amazon


defiance game

Now for something different! Defiance is a new MMO shooter game based on the TV show of the same name. It is a multi-platform game available for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Defiance is pretty unique in that it is a third-person shooter MMO game set in a scifi post-apocalyptic world.

This is one of the most popular/best-selling MMO games with over 1 million registered accounts worldwide.

In Defiance, the future Earth is in ruins because of the ongoing war with the alien Votan. The landscape is full of fallen scapeships, mutated/alien flora and the remains of humanity’s once great civilization (destroyed buildings, overgrown streets, etc.). Players take on the role of an Ark Hunter, a scavenger who is an expert at recognizing and using alien technology. Cruising around in one of Defiance’s many vehicles shooting at mutants and cyborgs is good fun but what really stands out are the massive co-op battles and intense PvP combat.

Link: Defiance on Amazon


Best Upcoming MMORPGs 2014

By Heather Mitchell. Connect with me on

Confirmed 2014 Release Dates

  • Star Citizen – an upcoming MMO space sim that focuses on trading and spaceship combat in first-person perspective set in a persistent world. Star Citizen is being developed by Chris Roberts, the man behind the popular Wing Commander games, and his team at Cloud Imperium Games.
  • Runescape 3 (mobile) – yes, the ever-popular browser-based MMORPG Runescape is coming soon to your tablets and mobile devices pretty soon. The HTML5 version of RS will be officially released in 2014 though it can already be played via Google Chrome.
  • Skyforge – a new MMORPG with a release date of 2014 (more news coming soon)
  • Camelot Unchained – funded through Kickstarter, the upcoming MMORPG called “Camelot Unchained” (the name will actually be changed later) is a fantasy and horror-themed epic realm vs realm MMORPG.

Upcoming Games Release Date TBA

  • Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance – an upcoming MMORPG by South Korean developer Ncsoft. LETR will have siege warfare, large scale battles, dungeons, and more. It has a top (isometric) view similar to that of Diablo.
  • Bless – this has been in development since September 2009 by Neowiz, a South Korean game developer. BLess has gotten a lot of attention from news websites because of its amazingly realistic cutting-edge graphics. It will feature ten different races, each of whom will have his or her own personal story. It is set in a high fantasy European medieval world in which two nations vie for power.
  • Everquest Next – the latest planned MMO in the bestselling Everquest series of games, Everquest Next is supposedly going to be the “largest sandbox style MMO ever designed,” according to Sony Online Entertainment CEO John Smedley.
  • Titan – Blizzard is currently developing a top secret project codenamed Titan. Not much is known about Titan apart from the fact that it will not be a prequel or sequel to World of Warcraft. Development began in 2007 but the actual release date is unknown.
  • World of Darkness MMO – update: sorry guys, development of this game has been discontinued. WoD is a stylish, dark fantasy MMORPG set in the same fictional universe as Vampire: The Masquerade. Many role-playing fans are excited about WoD because it will focus on social interaction, politics and intrigue, as well as PvE and PvP.



Free to play – this is sometimes abbreviated as f2p or ftp. These MMORPGs are all free to download and free to play forever. There are more f2p MMORPGs available compared to the other types.

Pay to play – as the name suggests, players have to buy the game and then pay a monthly subscription fee to play it. This type of MMO is rare these days.

Buy to play – players must buy the game to play it but there is no monthly fee so they can play it as much as they like without having to pay for a subscription. This is a newer type of MMO so there are very few available.

Browser-based – targeted more towards casual players, browser-based MMOs are always free and can be played on your browser with no client download or installation needed.

Upcoming – simply a list of the upcoming MMOs due to be released some time in 2014 and beyond.

Thank you for reading. Remember to tweet or Facebook share us if you liked this Best MMORPG 2014 list. Please do leave some feedback or comments. This list will be updated monthly or as needed so you might want to bookmark this page.

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24 thoughts on “Best MMORPG 2014

  1. Please, update this guide/list.

    Some games have been cancelled (World of Darkness) and some, discontinued (Pockie Pirates).

  2. Syrnia is a browserbased multiplayer game set in a Medieval age.
    Hundreds of items, monsters and locations
    Freedom to choose your own path
    Player vs Player combat
    15 skills
    Free to play

  3. Why is forsaken World not on here??? FW has THE BEST graphics and art I have EVER seen it’s like playing in a animated movie…also the toons are screen size, if I have to squint to see my character I’m not gonna play that game. Seems like every game I download is GENERIC at best compared to FW. When are the other game makers gonna catch up, they better play FW so they can see what a real game looks like. GOOD JOB PWE

  4. aion so far seem like fun mmorpg well balanced high graphics though

    as for a mmorpg you truly want to avoid would be Guild wars 2 because after you kill the end boss scarlett you get taken to a cut scene with some homosexual content in it not appropriate for children out there.
    and most people like me do not like being that kinda garbage forced in our faces.

    1. On the contrary, I think more people should play Guild Wars 2 in that case. Then perhaps they won’t grow up to be bigots, bible thumping or otherwise.

      1. Ummmm I can understand your opinion but sexual content and cut scenes and homosexuality should be left out of a game. especially a child. Games should be games. I take It you think all ppl who go to church are radical bible thumping homophobes. And there are ppl who do not like to have that kinda stuff thrown In their faces. Least the game should mention Adult content and scenes of a sexual nature.

    2. There’s like only a couple of cut scenes in the entire game out of dozens that even touch on homosexual themes and they all involve a race of plant people, ffs. I’d hardly classify that as “forcing it into your face”, let alone reason to tell the world to “truly avoid” the game for that reason alone. Maybe if you’d stop playing victim to your own intolerance so much, you’d notice that the rest of the game is there.

      Besides, Rated T MMOs aren’t supposed to be appropriate for children anyway.

      1. Ummm Rated T means Teen. Not adult. Gonna try game for myself but I can understand some ppl’s offenses to this. They could have mentioned Homosexual themes and cut scenes to those who would find this offensive.

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