Monkey King Online

The Asian market brings MMO games that are quite different to the European or American ones, both in style and gameplay. This happens because they cater to different audiences and bring a very interesting design as well as a wonderful story that makes the game a lot more interesting and appealing, which is really important to say the least.

monkey king online

This is also the case of Monkey King Online, a great MMORPG that places you in the shoes of the famous Monkey King, which this time embarks in a famous Journey to the West. During this journey he will face numerous challenges and enemies. The atmosphere in the game is truly amazing and while playing you will be able to explore a highly detailed, hand painted world that makes you proud of being a part of it. Upon starting you will be able to select four different heroes, each one bringing its unique playing style and powers, something that surely enhances replayability.

browser mmorpg 2014Just like most MMOs, this one also offers lots of grinding possibilities, with new enemies spawning immediately after you kill them. Quests are varied and diverse, so you won’t have a problem exploring deserts and killing different enemies. There are tons of enemy types in Monkey King Online, and all of them make the game world feel vibrant and alive. The game features an automatic mode where you simply let your character go solve quests by himself and gain levels, or you can take control over him and choose where to go next. This kind of unique features is what makes Monkey King Online a very unique and amazing game.

Graphics-wise, Monkey King Online offers some of the most amazing games that you can find in a browser game. Actually, the game looks so great that you’ll think it’s actually a game client. No, it runs only backed up by your browser. The interface is also quite impressive and well organized, especially for a browser game. All the character related information, including mount is displayed in the upper left while information such as health, mana and special powers are located in the lower middle of the screen.

mmo game 2014Sounds are varied and interesting. When it comes to the soundtrack, you will have the privilege of listing to some amazing, local Chinese music that suits the game theme a lot. Mainly said, there’s a lot of epic music that you will encounter all the way.

The gameplay is very fluid and it’s surely one of those reasons that will make you proud for being a player in this game. You’ll definitely have loads of fun while playing this and you can be sure that once you start playing it you’ll begin losing hours and hours while exploring the vast and treacherous landscapes in it. Monkey King Online is suitable for both beginners and experts alike, so if you like this type of games then you should surely give it a try as soon as possible.


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