Shadowbound Review

Browser based MMORPG games usually have the same game mechanics so it can be quite hard for them to innovate and come up with something new. The same thing goes with Shadowbound, which is a title that’s very similar to Wartune for example, yet which does manage to stand on its own thanks to the large number of monsters and their variety, as well as colorful graphics.


shadowbound browser mmorpgUnlike the aforementioned title, Shadowbound brings a plethora of activities that you can perform within the town, which combines various battle types, different combat systems as well as a very good customization option.

You get the opportunity to create your own party and upgrade their skills in order to be successful even when encountering tougher opponents. Gaining experience is very easy, and it’s safe to say that you will level up really fast, in our experience, we got to level 20 in less than half an hour.

Despite the very fast gameplay, you have the opportunity to access a very in-depth quest chain that starts with simple missions, yet which quickly enlarges to larger plot lines.
There are multiple types of gear that can drop, from necklaces, armor, rings, helmets to boots and weapons. Alongside that, you can also use talismans that will usually provide you with passive skills which are very helpful in defeating your opponents.

shadowbound reviewOnce you reach level 15 you will even be able to access mounts. Unlike many other MMOs out there, mounts in Shadowbound are very useful since they provide you with a wide range of boosts in battle. We liked the fact that mounts can be leveled up and customized as this brings a good incentive to play. Another interesting addition brought by the game is the Title system, through which each player can showcase his accomplishments in the game world, especially from a PVP standpoint.

Combat is fully automatic and you don’t have any control over what happens on the battlefield. This is why you need to take extra care when it comes to the decisions that you make before the battle, otherwise the battle might not end the way you want to. Despite that, Shadowbound’s combat is full of special effects and very engaging.


shadowbound screenshotPVE is a huge part of Shadowbound, as you will have the opportunity to solve quests, enter dungeons and just explore a large game world. However, when it comes to multiplayer, PVP is definitely the best portion of Shadowbound. PVP takes place in Arenas and here you can battle other players for the opportunity to earn Glory and Honor which are essential if you want to rank high in the Leaderboards. The top players actually gain more honor if they rank high, which is quite nice.

If you don’t like combat, but want to engage in puzzle solving, you can enter the Battle of Wits where all players receive questions regarding the lore and other general questions. Most of the questions here require a true or false response, but the neat thing is that you can win great prizes.

Graphics and sound

Shadowbound excels when it comes to graphics, as it brings top of the line, high quality visuals. The soundtrack is just as good and it successfully manages to draw you in on the story. Overall, the game world looks amazing and the fact that each region brings different sounds just makes Shadowbound a much better experience.


Shadowbound is one of the best browser based MMOs that you can find right now. Yes, it might not be unique by any stretch of the imagination, but the fact that it provides a lot of content and tons of loot certainly makes the title amazing. Try it right away, we can assure you that you’ll like it!

Rating: 8.5/10

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